Sunday, May 29, 2011

酷我音乐盒 KuWo Music Box

酷我音乐盒 KuWo ~ A music player that you don’t want to miss. My friend, introduced this wonderful music player to me. It is not just a music player that plays MP3 or WMA. You can download more than 1,000,000 songs, MV, lyrics from its song database free. The scrolling lyric is the best part that I like. You can also enable desktop style lyrics. I am listening to MP3 and watching the lyrics to sing while typing this post. It is great to have this wonderful music player. By the way, the music box is in Chinese. But you can play / download songs in any languages

Besides listening to music, KuWo Music Box provides the ability to sing karaoke. Yup. You did not read it wrong. You can sing K with this music player. Note – depend on the MV that you download. Not every MV has the karaoke function


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